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Matcher registeras på följande sätt:
TD, Int och Comp rätt antal på de spelar som utfört handlingen under matchen. Skada orsakad av Block registeras för den spelare som gjort skadan under matchen. Skador orsakade av missad Dodge, Stab, Chainsaw, Wizard, Mercenary, Kick of table etc. läggs på spelare 0 - Dvs merc/random.
Mottagen skada registreras den spelare som tagit skadan under matchen. Om skadan läks med Apthecary eller Regenereras, väljs ”Victim regenerated/was healed by apoth” under respektive kategori. Om skadan ändras med Apothecary, så förs den av spelare på plan orsakade skadan in med ”Victim was healed by apoth” och därefter den av Apothecary orsakade skadan in under adekvat kategori.
Ex. En spelare blir dödad av en block, apotekaren används och resultatet blir -M. Registera en ”Kill” på spelaren som utförde blocken, en ”Death - Victim was healed by apoth” för laget med den skadade spelaren. Och en ”-1 MA” på den skadade spelaren.

Pictures need to be in the following formats:
Team Logo - .jpg max 200px Wide 200px High
Player pictures - .gif or .jpg max 160px Wide, max 20kB /image (Döp spelarbilderna med lag & nummer.)
Team Picture - .jpg 500px Wide 200px High
Team Gallery - .jpg 640px Wide x 480px High

Färgkod på bas:
Grått= Lineman
Gul= Catcher
Grön= Blocker (inc. Black Orcs, Mummies och Tomb Guardians)
Vit= Thrower
Röd= Blitzer (inc. Berserkers and Wardancers)
Blå= Striker (inc. Witch Elves and Troll Slayers)
Lila= Secret Weapons (inc. Assassin)

Starting Rosters for all Teams - League
This is for standard league play - starting roster of 1,000,000, Living Rulebook 6.0

Play Sheet
When you play your game, at least one coach should keep track of the game using this form.

LRB 6 Playbooks (Plasmoid )
No coach is good enough to master all 24 available Blood Bowl teams. This collection of playbooks for LRB6 Blood Bowl is an attempt to provide newbies with help and veterans with inspiration - and few queries come up as often on BB-forums as queries for tactical advice. With the recent release of Living RuleBook 6 these articles should be up-to-date.

Blood Bowl Tactics
Welcome to Blood Bowl Tactics (previously Blood Bowl Play Book) where you can find Strategy, Team Tactics, Guides and Articles. All information is current which as of now is the Competition Rules Pack (aka LRB6). You can download this from the Blood Bowl Resources section on the Games Workshop site. Any questions then take a look at our forums.

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First place Season 14
Second place Season 14
Third place Season 14

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Korpen 6, Juni
  1    Cricket Club
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Season 14, Final
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Season 14, Bronsmatch
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Season 14, Semifinal
  3    Elfyville Canaries
  4    Puppeteers of Fate
Season 14, Kvalmatch
  0    Sore Score Unt.
  3    Puppeteers of Fate
Season 14, Kvalmatch
  0    Itzla Alligators
  2    Bellhaven Bloodkn...
Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  1    Falkenbergs Falco...
  0    Minneth'sotha Wig...
Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  4    White Wolf Rangers
  1    Itzla Alligators
Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  0    Bellhaven Bloodkn...
  1    Sore Score Unt.

Korpen 6, Maj
  2    Feskits Roving Ma...
  2    Dirty Dribblers

Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  3    Frostheart Raptors
  1    Nippy Blockers
Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  2    Puppeteers of Fate
  2    Hotheads
Season 14, Vecka 22-23
  1    Crooktown Bulldogs
  2    Elfyville Canaries

Korpen 6, Maj
  1    Cricket Club
  2    Santa Slay

Season 14, Vecka 20-21
  0    Frostheart Raptors
  2    Sore Score Unt.
Season 14, Vecka 20-21
  1    Nippy Blockers
  2    Falkenbergs Falco...
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