Red Tide Reavers

Race:  Undead
Coach:  Emil

Red Tide Reavers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 13th, 2014 - old news
Back In Time
Glad tidings ahead, the Reavers have returned to the coasts of the old world again! Captain Goldswagger and his crew announces that they have just returned from the Pirates Annual Boasting Competition, one of the three mayor events of the Pirate Hollidays (along with The Rum Run Raid and the Great Hangover). Spirits where high this year as the contestants delivered boasts of great sass and incredulity. In the end the final contestants to advance to the finals where Georgio D. Goldswagger and his arch-rival Phinneus B. Bragwell. So caustic where their retorts that neither could be declared champion and so the finals quickly escalated into a pitched naval battle between the two contestants. According to the crowd it was "A jolly good show this year!"
- Emil
Oct. 2nd, 2013 - old news
Reavers Ravage the Pitch
A dread ship have been sighted on the horizon flying a black and ravaged flag. Stadiums all allong the coasts of the Old World have much to fear for the Red Tide Reavers come to bring death and violence to the pitch!
Rumors say that their captain Georgio Dinero Goldswagger is a pirate of great renown from the western seas, driven to the mainland coast by the arrival of some even greater power. Other say that a curse lie upon him and his crew and only by becoming the greatest Captain on the pitch as well as the high seas can they be released from its grasp. None know for sure but the Reavers themselves, and thus far the laughter of the dead are their only answer.

A red tide is rising...
- Emil
Tournaments played:
Season 5, Reserves Rumble, Season 7, Season 11, Champions of..., Chaos Cup 5, Chaos Cup 7
Trophies won:

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First place Season 17
Second place Season 17
Third place Season 17
Best Stunty Season 17
Winner Korpen 9

Latest matches:
Major Season 18, Vecka 14 - 15
  1    Caveland Browns
  1    Rostiga Rollmodel...

Minor Season 18, CVC Match 2
  1    Cricket Club
  2    Shamash Smashers

Major Season 18, Vecka 14 - 15
  2    Bräkenäs Betongbo...
  0    Beefcake Bullies

Minor Season 18, Mars
  0    Shambletown Peddl...
  2    Rösereds Idrottsp...
Minor Season 18, Mars
  0    Majorna Stingers
  3    Mean Bay Ratpack

Major Season 18, Vecka 14 - 15
  1    Hisingen Sewersides
  1    Prophets of the Maw

Minor Season 18, Mars
  1    Vildvuxet Ogräs
  0    Mount Raven Soulr...

Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  0    Caveland Browns
  2    Beefcake Bullies
Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  2    Rostiga Rollmodel...
  0    Hisingen Sewersides
Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  6    Gutter Gunners
  1    Gåshöjdens BK
Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  3    Kville Yellow Jac...
  1    Dalsland Treehugg...
Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  1    Gloom Bog Ratpack...
  2    Chaos Pride
Major Season 18, Vecka 12 - 13
  0    Prophets of the Maw
  3    Bräkenäs Betongbo...
Major Season 18, Vecka 10 - 11
  2    Gloom Bog Ratpack...
  2    Prophets of the Maw
Major Season 18, Vecka 10 - 11
  1    Gåshöjdens BK
  3    Caveland Browns
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